Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i heart handmade!

I am currently sitting in the Tampa airport waiting for our flight home in roughly seven hours. Sooo... after purchasing a watch that reminds me of a slap bracelet and perusing the expensive luggage store, I realized I have time to write about my trip to Renegade last weekend!!!

Let's begin the tour of L.A. and our weekend of fun:

What you see above is the cafe where we (my mom and I) ate lunch. We had been here once before- Cafe Angolo- two years ago when we went hunting for fabric for my wedding dress. It is delicious 'calitalian' food, I had amazing fish tacos and my mom had a salad with grilled salmon. 

Next stop, Michael Levine's. Oh, the money I could spend here (and you will, it is not the best deal in the district but it has quite the selection). 

This last fabric was Japanese, with little blurbs about a 50's housewife which were badly translated to English. But it was charming; "Her bakes the cookies sweetly and warm." 

We bought fabric by the pound at the 'outlet' for Michael Levine's across the street and then made our way to Mike's, a few blocks away. Mike and his wife Erika have a tiny store which is one of the cleanest, most organized spaces in the 90 block area. They are incredibly helpful and as we were the only customers at that time, we spent nearly an hour making our decisions. We came away with 100% linen for $4 a yard! And, she gave me my seller's discount even though I had left it at home- I mailed in my info later, don't worrry. They are super friendly and we will definitely be going back for more! 

I loved all the old textile buildings in the area... 


And here is Mike's. 



The opposite of Mike's was Zip Up Zipper:

Do not be here in an earthquake. 

But we did get zippers of all sizes and colors for 30 cents apiece! 

More cool buildings...

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