Thursday, August 6, 2009


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I am currently reading My Life In France by Julia Child. I got the book a year ago (or maybe two?) from Kita for my birthday and started reading it, very slowly at first, savouring every sentence. But lately, my amusement with her as a person and envy at her life's path has grown into something more... the other night whilst reading, I would run into Spencer's music room every few moments to look up yet another address in googlemaps. Did you know the Childs worked for the Foreign Service and lived in India, China, Paris, Marseilles, Plitersdorf-on-the-Rhine, Washington D.C., Oslo (my ancestors!), Cambridge, and had a winter home near Cannes? The picture above is their home in Paris(they called it 'Roo de Loo'), near the Tour Eiffel and St. Germain, a lovely part of town. "Why didn't I go see her house while we were IN Paris?.. or D.C.?" I whined. "Because you didn't have this obsession then," Spencer replied, a little bemused and a little concerned, I think. I am also sad to discover (and this is truly ignorant on my part) that her kitchen from her Cambridge, MA home is in the Smithsonian in it's entirety. Sigh!
Yet another reason to go visit Jenny!


  1. Sweet! But I'm confused: why are you annoyed by the book Julie & Julia? Who was irresponsible?

  2. (hangs head). I don't know. I admit, I didn't read it, but it seemed like she was irresponsible to quit her job, move the France, and then by chance become famous for cooking every meal in Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Seems like cheating, you know? And now a movie?

  3. when did she move to france? Is that in the movie? It was a blog while she was doing it (in NY) and then a book and now a movie. I love Amy Adams, so I might be okay with all of this. I am confused about the integration of My Life in France though.

  4. OK, I deleted that problematic and accusatory sentence about the Julie person... I will just stick to my obsession with Julia Child.