Monday, October 26, 2009


This weekend was one of those weekends where you are relieved to see Monday come around.

Not that it was a bad three days, just LONG!

We went Friday night to our friends Leah and Drew's house for an Octoberfest-themed dinner party! It was so delicious and I had been anticipating it for weeks (I am a major beer aficionado for those who don't know me well). I even tried the sauerkraut, despite having hated it every other time I have tried it in my life. I have a rule about food- I will try anything twice. Maybe the first time, the chef was having a bad day and misread the recipe, or over cooked it. I actually have been very generous toward sauerkraut, it has been 3 times, and now 4. And this time I actually liked it! Not that I'd get a craving, whip open a can and chow down. But with the hot links my mom brought, it was actually well paired (For those in my previous anti-fermented cabbage camp, the magic stuff was Libby's Bohemian Sauerkraut).

Of course, the main even was to taste beer. We had 7 beers to try and I think everyone except me voted for the Shiner Black Lager. I liked it, but liked the Shiner '98 and the Spaten Octoberfest better. Beer is one of those amazing things that is unlike anything else. I understand most people don't like it, which is fine. I love things that taste like grain. The funny thing was, Spencer and I liked all the same ones, and usually, he will just steal a sip of my Heineken while he drinks his Shiraz or Zin. Woohoo! More to share together! Leah's dad, Sterling, brought the winning bear, so he got our lovely glass tumbler from the dollar store. He gets to decorate it and display it in his trophy case for a year, until next year's feast.

my dad and spencer. they are both giving me the same look... weird.
the contestants...
me contemplating my next taste...
leah the fabulous chef/hostess in her freesparrow apron!

so pretty! look at that gorgeous colour!


  1. Tara, instead of posting my own post about Octoberfest can I have you do a guest post on my blog?

  2. This post is represents all that is domestic bliss to me.