Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fig love

I have been trying to cook and eat seasonally this year. I have been helped by reading French Women For All Seasons, which breaks it down to hiver, printemps, ete, et automne. I love that it ends with autumn, because that is the time of year I anticipate most. I know I have been going on and on about it for a couple weeks now, but forgive me. When it's 116 outside and you haven't seen rain in 7 months, you get a bit antsy for change. (whole other blog post there...)

Another 'goal' this year was to try cooking things I have never eaten before. Recently, I've fallen for eggplant. For summer into fall, I'm collecting recipes for figs. I loved fig newtons as a kid and I love fig trees, so I'm pretty sure I will love other things with figs, too. Know any good fig recipes?

Here are some inspiring fig photos I've found:

ming thompson's layer cake with fig compote (design sponge)

proscuitto wrapped figs (food network)

fig and almond tart (giada de laurentiis)

goat cheese and fig salad (easy french

If you want some info on the background of figs and how to store them, read this. On Tuesday, we will be spending the day apple picking at Riley's Farm and Oak Glen. It may be a bit warm, but it will be good to see trees and pick some ripe fruits and veggies. I'm also going to make Isabella model my new infinity scarf for girls (I don't think she'll mind). 


  1. I wrote down a fig recipe for you sometime last week. Isn't it crazy that I knew you were obsessed with figs before reading this?

  2. I was browsing recipes and saw this one today. I know this post is from last week and all, but this little sandwich looked too good to pass up. Procuitto, fig, and manchego!

    Also, I really do enjoy reading your blog! It makes me feel all creative and such.

  3. And oh, my little link didn't even work. Maybe this time?