Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deck the Fridge

our first photo christmas card, still my favourite

It is Thanksgiving Eve, the excitement of the holidays is palpable, and if you are like me, you are thinking, "How on earth is it already the end of November? It was just September! I still need to do so much for gifts and cards and and..."

(breathing into paper bag)

Actually, we have been planning our family gift for months now, and I can hardly wait to see the completed project. But cards is a feat in itself. Gathering addresses, choosing a picture (not just any picture is appropriate), printing and cutting and stuffing... and the cost of stamps! But this year will be easier because we are going to have Shutterfly do the cards for us!

You can have them take this item off your holiday to-do list, too! Just go to their site, choose from the many options, upload your photos and click click you're done! While you're there, you might decide to check some gifts off your list, like a photo calender for grandparents, or photo canvases for a modern take on a family portrait wall... you can even do invitations to your holiday party!

Now pay that thirteen year old to wrap your gifts, and get back to reading A Christmas Carol and sipping eggnog...


  1. I'd totally wrap those presents for you and I'm no where NEAR 13. And not because I feel guilty for your arm injury but because I genuinely love wrapping presents.

  2. says the woman who told me to go see the view from the santa barbara courthouse tower.... jk!