Friday, December 3, 2010

friday favourite: that holiday party

Good Morning!

Yesterday I had the good fortune of being on etsy's front page! It's been a long time since that happened so I was really excited. You can see the archive here on craftcult. That always helps one's google analytics.
Today for ff, I thought I'd do a mash up of jewelry that has caught my eye recently and would be great for all those holidays parties. Those of you who know me know I am a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, I usually do one statement piece like a giant cocktail ring. All of these lovely items would be sure to complete an outfit and make you stand out. (They'd be great for gifts, too...)

In no particular order (drum roll please)....

fern lace ring by ardent1

pin oak cuff in copper by birdforbread

feather duo necklace by verabel

gilded bronze twig hairpins by woodlandbelle

large rose headband by besomethingnew

peacock ring by ginandbutterflies

les madeleines collection by lechouchou

gold feather wedding band by adzia

 flower and feather headband by viemoderne

oxidized silver ring by MarKhed

autumnal library necklace by theblackspotbooks

Perhaps I should try to make a treasury sometime; it's one of those etsy things I haven't dedicated much time to, but I know it'd be a good idea. I want to do a series of seller tips on here- there are some really amazing shops for photography- I want to buy their items just because looking at them is so fun. 

Anyway, I'm off to start the Christmas decorating before we leave for Anza this afternoon. Has everyone started decorating already? Are you a day-after-Thanksgiving-until-day-after-New-Year's person? I am not that organized- last year we didn't clean up until halfway through January! 

Happy holiday prepping weekend!

~tara noelle


  1. thanks so much for featuring my headband, I am going to start decorating this afternoon right after I make a few orders up and get them boxed up!

  2. These are all such amazing pieces; I'm honored my cuff is featured along with them! xo

  3. What a beautiful collection!

  4. thank you everyone for the love! i did end up making a treasury with some of these, too, if you want to take a look: