Monday, February 21, 2011

live as sojourners

"for you are but aliens and sojourners with Me." ~Leviticus 25:23

Lord, let us live like it- not attached to the things of this world- riches, comforts, money, status, houses, cars, friends & family even. Wean us from all worldly loves, to care for only You, so that we do not look back with our hand on the plow. 
Let us live like we're not here for long, as though we really believe our lives are vapors. Let us give generously, because it is all Yours and only given to us to see what we'll do with it- do we love You, or the things You give? 
We cannot serve both. 
Let our words and actions be only to season our lives with salt; to share this abundant life we have with others, and thereby 'make an appeal' to them as ambassadors, living out a visible manifestation of heaven on earth. 
Let our lives be appealing- not because we agree with the sons of this world, but exactly the opposite- let our lives be confounding to them: 
Why do we let ourselves be wronged?
Why do we give away more than we can afford to?
Why do we continue to love and serve Someone even when tragedy strikes and we don't know the reason Why?
Let the mysteries of the love of Christ abound in our lives, that the people around us see the Living Water we have and run to tell others how to quench their thirst. 
Let us make it our ambition to lead quiet lives of humble service, that when we see You face to face, we may not shrink back and be ashamed, but eagerly wait to hear Your commendation, 
"Well done."


  1. Yes, yes and yes. Thank you for writing me a prayer for Fiji. I will be revisiting this often...