Sunday, September 4, 2011


while spencer and i were mansion sitting this weekend (pictures of that to come), we looked through our honeymoon pictures - the condensed list- and it got me dreaming of a trip to paris. this is not a new plan. i have long since determined that we will make a trek in 2013, the ten year anniversary of my semester abroad. i would love to show him around praha, and bookend the trip with a honeymoon reminder in paris.

him: what would you do with only three days in paris?

me: eat. and walk along the river. and eat. 

him: visit the pompidou.

me: go back to that one painting in the louvre we got kicked out before seeing. and go to Fauchon and Habitat and spend a buttload of money. (i'm so eloquent)

here are some of my favourites from the over 1400 spencer took...

gratuitous mush photo thrown in there. hey, it was our honeymoon. 



  1. I love that you actually have great honeymoon pictures. Not many people can say that! My roommates deleted most of theirs because they weren't very good. But I guess that's one of the benefits of you being married to a photographer :)

  2. haha, yes! i had never thought about having good honeymoon photos before, but now that you say it, I am thankful!