Saturday, September 14, 2013

Merci, beaucoup!

This is LONG overdue, but here are pictures of my kids reading their BRAND NEW LEVELED BOOKS! Thank you sponsors!!!!
This is my enrichment class and they read every day after lunch for about twenty minutes and then write about what they read in their journals. Summarizing is a vital skill for all of English and other subjects, too. They are sitting in rows by reading level and as of a few days ago (about a week and a half into the book), they were reading at the same pace in their rows. This tells me (without technical data like an SRI or DRA reading test) that they are reading at their level and keeping up with their group. I will have them discuss the book with their group soon. Hooray for books!!!! Thank you so much!

love, 8th grade KMS falcons and Mrs. Smith

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