Saturday, October 5, 2013

fall break

Today is the start of a 9 day break. We didn't have this last year- just a long weekend.
Spencer and I really wanted to go to Boston, but despite searching for airfare for months, we just couldn't sink $1500 into another vacation right now. So we are staying put. I am relieved, actually. Although I woke up this morning with a pang of travel yearning, I need this break. I slept for twelve hours last night (which is not unusual at the end of a week spent dealing with thirteen year olds and the bureaucratic crap that comes with working in a giant school district) and I still feel sluggish this morning. I am really hoping to make this 9 day break a recharge. In lieu of a well-written post, I will just write these goals as a list - and this is mostly for myself, for accountability.

I want to

-sleep 8 hours a day
-watch Conan when it is actually on and not online the next day
-be outside every day
-workout every day, even if it is just a walk with spencer
-eat better- more fruits and veggies, fewer junk food items
-read almost all of Never Let Me Go
-which means finishing my current book, One Gallant Rush
-read blogs and find new blogs
-FINALLY use my meat grinder attachment for our kitchenaid to create meatloaf!
-go to Iris
-make my final payment on my student loans (!!!)
-ichat with family a LOT
-create a bday present for Adella, instead of just buying something
-read my Bible (the fact that this is this far down my list shows just how off-kilter my priorities are)
-pray for other people
-ditch church
-watch every minute of Sunday Morning instead of multi-tasking, just because I can
-go to open houses with spencer
-go to the movies with spencer
-go to at least one other good restaurant with spencer
-get our knives sharpened (for the first time in 6 years)
-waste 3 hours looking through my basket of old pictures from high school and college (the best of which will make it into another blog post)
-frame the wine map poster spencer bought me for my birthday
-watch all of season 8 of How I Met Your Mother on netflix
-get my new iphone and learn to use it
-(not because I want to) plan for next week (but I know once I start, I will love it)
-(not because I want to, and it might get pushed back til next monday) finish putting grades in

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