Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going to the chapel

My sister is getting married this Saturday.

Spencer asked me this morning, over a bowl of oatmeal, if that was strange to me.

"No, actually, I always figured she would have been married long before me." Well, I wanted it to go that way because then my wedding would not be the first, the trial run, so when they got to me, my parents would have it all figured out. You see, Jenny and I are fourteen months apart, meaning everything I went through, Jenny went through it a year later. Driver's license, staying out late with friends, college applications, graduation, moving out, moving back home, and now weddings. I told my parents they got to make all the mistakes on me and then Jenny had it made. It was only fair to have my wedding second.

Well, you can't plan life.Bbut you can plan weddings, and our wedding was exactly how Spencer and I wanted it, (OK, besides the fact that the cake was some sort of fruit-filled thing that fermented in our freezer instead of the cheesecake we had wanted). I realized this, how wonderful our wedding was, this week because I finally put our photos in an album. It only took me nineteen months, plus four hours of labor. If we have kids, everything will be online.

Jenny's wedding is going to be very simple and nostalgic. In the backyard, lit by string lights and candles, with flowers and plants everywhere. It will be magical. My only trepidation is the toast I have to make. I had retired from this after Kristiana's wedding. Until Stuart and Nicole's wedding, where I was in front of hundreds of people once again, crying my way through a sentimental speech. It's not the public speaking that gets me. It's trying to sum up your entire relationship with someone you love, and all your hopes for their happiness in a neat little two minute package. Shorter than this blog post. 

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