Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to write a good blog

I was told that bloggers are more interesting if they post links to other blogs. 
I have a few friends who are addicted to blogs and seem to know where all the good ones are hiding. I must confess, the idea of essentially starting a new hobby is somewhat unappealing to me. It is like someone who says they like White Zinfindel (wine snob alert, sorry), but really what they mean is, "I haven't put the time and effort into learning anything about wine and therefore, all I taste is alcohol or tannins." It is without context and therefore, the isolated aspects overwhelm. 

I am at the White Zin stage of blogging. 

So, I typed 'good blogs' into Google and found this article about what makes a blog worthwhile: 


It is thought-provoking and insightful. I particularly like point 4, "Good blogs are written, not defecated." Ha! It reminds me of my ninth grade English teacher, who summarily disemboweled her class of over-achieving straight-A's-my-whole-life fourteen year olds by commanding, "DON'T throw up everything you know!" Structure? What? That began my real training in the art and science of writing. 

This begins my real adventure into the world of blogging.

And for those of you who are savvy and brimful of good reading, please share.

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