Monday, September 28, 2009

Just another manic Monday...

Today I came home from work in my eighties workout costume (to promote the new VIA instant coffee from Starbucks, we are all dressing up as people who need coffee on-the-go) to find that I had sold something on etsy! Hooray! 

But then, I noticed I had two emails requesting other projects. As I was texting Spencer about this, I got another email! And as I was writing back to the first person- another! 

What was going on?

I found out from one of these new friends that I was featured on The Storque's Etsy Finds email today! I frantically started searching for my listing, tripping over myself like a puppy peeing in a puddle of excitement. Spencer finally sent me an email titled 'I found you' with this link:

Tomorrow: trip to Redlands to buy as much orange swirl fabric as we can find! Maybe I will have to quit my part time job sooner than I thought...

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