Saturday, October 17, 2009

blogging for dummies

Last week I went to the Rancho Mirage Library (the super nice brand new library in the desert) to find Frankenstein at their bookstore. No luck. But they did have one copy on their shelves, so I grabbed it and while there, I decided to see what they had for the technologically-disinclined. I came away with Blogging for Dummies, iPhoto for Dummies (this because I accidentally created multiple libraries on our computer which Spencer now has to fix. Crazy Tara does it again), and The Huffington Guide to Blogging. So far, I have learned how to add a link and add a photo. I already knew about the photo option, but for some reason, whenever I add a picture, it goes to the top of my post and I have to cut and paste all the text in order to 'space' my photos. So, here goes: my first homework assignment.

Here is a clickable link.

Success! Yes, that is a fanny pack. That's right, friends, I'm bringin' it back. Mostly for function and not fashion. I recently signed up for a half marathon (wee! this is fun!) with my friends Laurie and Jessica. Last Wednesday, whilst running five miles with my keys bouncing around in my cleavage, I realized the genius behind this much-maligned accessory. Spencer raised his eyebrows when I said I wanted one, but I know I'm on to something good. Just ask my cleavage.

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  1. I hope you wear the fanny pack with your white pants sometimes!