Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We (hand) made it!

Last night I checked my email one last last last time before going to bed for five hours (hooray for opening shifts and getting up at 3:30). 

It had been one of those days where you are glad it is over. I had been waiting for weeks to hear back on my application for the PATCHWORK FESTIVAL but in the hustle of property taxes, property taxes, and more property taxes, letters to the State of California Insurance Commission (That's right Blue Cross, I'm telling on you) and a flat tire on the way home, I had forgotten all about it. 

Well, WE MADE IT! Freesparrow will be booth 109 this year on November 15th, from 11-5pm. Come by and see us and support handmade goodies and the people who make them!!! 


  1. Oh my word CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so totally going. Can I get your autograph while I'm there?

  2. I wish you had shirts and we could be your groupies. I can't wait to see how awesome your booth is, and how rad your handmade goods are in person.

  3. Congratulations!!! I will be there with bells and whistles! I suppose this means you will be busy as a bee making lots of stuff to display. :) what a wonderful way to spend these first days of fall!

  4. Aw, thanks friends. Kita- I was totally thinking of t-shirts! That might be an option...