Saturday, October 31, 2009

Learning curve

Part of last weekend's busy schedule (along with a 2 mile Walk for Life and Octoberfest) was taking part in our first freesparrow show! My friend Leah is a Southern Living at Home consultant and every year she does a 'one stop holiday shop' in her house with different vendors. This year she invited us!

She also commissioned us to make her a burlap tablecloth that she would use for display at this and other holiday events. We labored for hours to get it just right, embellishing the simple cloth with a chocolate velvet ribbon along the bottom hem. We could hardly wait for Leah to see it.

When we got to Leah's Friday night to try it out, we realized we had inverted the measurements.

We had a beautifully handcrafted tablecloth that was 36 inches high and 30 inches in diameter. Leah's table is 30 inches high with a 36 inch diameter.

Oh! It was so awful, it instantly became hilarious. She is so gracious, she is having us make a new one and is using the other one (slightly refitted) on a different table so she has a coordinated set. Sigh. Live and learn.

The rest of the party went well. Here are pictures of our display, good practice for Patchwork.

Leah put all this together, you can see our burlap runner with plaid trim. Isn't that an awesome dome? I have one!

Gift tags as name card holders! Good idea Leah!
Some of our many aprons...

Burlap tree skirt as tablecloth. The slit down the middle and hole for a tree trunk might procure some questions.


  1. How do I get invited to Leah's parties? Just curious.

  2. I will tell her you want to come to one. I am going to host one in January and i'll invite you.

  3. Wait- do you mean a Southern Living at Home party or an Octoberfest kinda party? either way, I will tell her you want to come since now you are friends from meeting at our wedding.

  4. Oh my word, when we have a house I want to host craft-selling parties like this!! Your friend Leah is a genius.

  5. my, my...what to say? Kristiana I remember inviting you to a party and you telling me it was the worst invitation you had ever received. Nonetheless, I shall invite you again!