Monday, November 2, 2009

A very productive trip, indeed!

I already gushed about Redlands a few months ago, so I will just leave you with these pictures of fall, at least in Southern California. We went to get fabric for Patchwork projects and drop off my mom's old sewing machine and serger for a tune-up. Jenny will be taking the sewing machine back to Maryland after Thanksgiving (She is making a sign for our booth at Patchwork and I am trying to convince her to open her own etsy shop. She is an amazing photographer and also quite crafty).


An antique string holder! I NEED one!!!
Here is a favourite side-of-the-road antique store we found years ago. We were on the hunt for a decadent, enormously overdone gold picture frame and we found it! It's future incarnation will be revealed soon...


  1. Oooh the antique string holder! Have you seen some of the yarn bowls on Etsy?
    I'm in love.


    I'm evil but you love me.