Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Dream Come True

A few days ago, I got to fulfill a desire that I have had for about ten years. There is an old fruit packing building in Indio, off Madison Ave, that has a certain charm to it. I have looked at it over and over, observing the way the sunlight makes its light blue paint seem warm in the afternoon. I wanted to do a photo shoot there as soon as I noticed it. But for what?

Many years and one headscarf later, I had my reason. I made Jenny model on her first day visiting from Maryland. She didn't seem to mind too much. We had our dear friend Molly along with us, and she got dragged into being chauffeur and model. She drew the line at letting us take a six foot dead tree branch home, though, Jenny holding it out the window. I was going to use it to hang ornaments from. Party pooper. She thought we'd drop it or scratch another car. She's probably right.

Anyway, here are the out takes (some of them at least, I didn't post them all since no one but me would enjoy that) of that afternoon. Enjoy.

Molly being oh so very dramatic

Jenny's come hither look. Maybe I should use this picture to get sales.

Me letting Jenny work the camera magic.

Jenny quoting Funny Face. "Minute men from Mars."

Thanks, girls. Now let's go eat!

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  1. I like how I'm both the stuffy responsible one refusing to let you endanger 111 traffic AND the melodramatic model who can't seem to pose without swooning, glaring, or raising that infernal eyebrow.
    Meanwhile, I want to frame every photo of Jenny really big and pretty and fill a room. I like the picture that you're in, too.