Saturday, November 21, 2009

Patchwork '09

Last weekend my mom and I went to Patchwork. This is not news to anyone reading this blog, so I will just share a few things I learned from the experience, and then move on to photos- bethany you can skip straight down to those now.

1) Be prepared. As a former girl scout, this is a life motto for me. I think we did pretty well, too, considering we really had no idea what we were getting into. Even though it was a stressful couple days before the event, by Sunday, we pulled up, unloaded and set up our little (TINY) space and had two hours to spare.

2) Make friends with other sellers. My new friend Belinda was very sweet and helped us rearrange our space to be more inviting to customers. She would also keep watch if we had to wander or go to the bathroom. Another seller gave me some etsy tips which I have already put into practice. In general, I found that indy crafty people for the most part are generous in spirit and advice, and want you to succeed. It is an amazingly supportive environment to be in.

3) Have items at all price points. This we learned the hard way. While many of our fellow craft mongers had pretty little trinkets for $5 or less, we did not. Everyone loved our felt shoes and aprons, but at the end of the day, you can't count up your "ooooooo's" and deposit them at the bank.

4) Don't overpack. I am probably the lightest-packing person I know when it comes to travel (ask my roommate Kate about our trip to Budapest and borrowing clothes), but it is different when you are 'on stage.' How to strike a balance with rule #1 and this one? Basically, I decided that I desperately need one of those adorable hipster vendor apron/fanny pack things I saw many experienced vendors wearing. I am already designing one in my head.

5) Be adventurous! This is a new experience, probably out of one's comfort zone, unless you are a traveling musician or of Romani descent. Have fun! Don't be worried about all the things you will forget or get wrong, because that is all for next time! Be open-minded and prepared to face unexpected things (like a last minute one-day seller's permit that was an extra $19) and it will be a much more pleasant day.

6) Have a pack of supportive friends who flock to your booth, probably barring other potential customers, and overwhelm you with their enthusiasm and generosity. I don't know where one gets a pack of supportive friends, but you can borrow mine: Bethany, Kimmy, Molly, Emily, Leslie, Kita, Mimi, Jen, Elaine, and a couple new friends I just met! Thanks girls! You are the best!

And now for the pictures...

Adorable onesies with vintage embroidered tablecloth skirts!
A cute old house between the two lots of vendors- I want to move in and fix it up!

The courtyard by our booth... complete with Reggae music and tofu wraps... ah, hippies.
Five girls from Vanguard started a business selling jewelry made by women in Uganda!
My new friend Belinda. I wanted to buy everything she made. Fortunately, I managed to only buy one thing...
Our tiny booth.

Our beautiful sign with handmade letters by Jenny! It was my favourite thing about the whole weekend!

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  1. I love your sign, it might be my favorite too! What a fun time!