Saturday, March 13, 2010


So, a week and a half ago, Spencer and I went on a date night... to Hollywood!
I know that seems a little crazy since it is a 2.5 hour drive both ways, but we just LOVE L.A.! (Plus, there ain't much to do around here unless you have a lot of money -Coachella, Paribas tennis tournament, PS Film Fest.... money money money)

We first went here when we were dating, at the recommendation of a friend and since then have recommended it to half a dozen others. It is adorable and the food is AMAZING! The crowd and service are hit or miss- 'so L.A.' - people trying to be uber hip, etc. We always feel like country bumpkins in the big city. Plus, this time we were smart enough to figure out that we could park at CB2 and walk to Cheebo instead of parking in the nieghborhoods and hoping not to get towed!

These pics are really dim because I wasn't about to turn my flash on, but you get the idea...

It actually is a very 'orangey' restaurant- walls, lights, stained glass...
artwork by local artists for sale
Pizza! Amazing amazing pizza with pesto, goat cheese, mushrooms, olives! YUM!!!!
We also had really crispy and delicious calamari and our favourite mixed greens salad with goat cheese, walnuts, currants, julienned apples and a homemade vinegrette- but we ate those before we thought to take a picture!
From the outside as we are walking back to CB2. Sigh... a perfect evening...

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