Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Favourite

I have just decided on a whim that I am going to add a themed post every week. I have actually been thinking of the theme-post idea for awhile, but I just decided that I will feature a favourite etsy shop/seller on Fridays, hence 'Friday Favourite.'

Today's pick is Geninne. That is her etsy store. Here is her blog. She lives in the colonial city of Queretaro, Mexico:
Isn't it beautiful? I just want to walk around there, under the shade of trees...

I love birds. My engagement ring is designed to be two wings wrapping around my finger. I just saw Geninne's bird picture featured on the front page of etsy today and instantly clicked on it. She specializes in watercolors, prints, hand-carved stamped prints, and decorative rocks. Her prints are fun and whimsical, but not cartoony. They almost look like biological illustrations, with natural colors and detail. I think I will be ordering something in the near future...

In the future, maybe I will plan ahead and get a mini-interview with the featured artist. That'd be nice, tara.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely blog post Tara :)