Thursday, April 8, 2010

Play it again, Nademlynska!

Ok, so here is another Czech-inspired blog post. So soon, you say. I just couldn't help it.

While getting my hair done (see previous post) by the amazing Stevie, I read an article about art galleries and leading designers in Prague. It made me so happy, of course. I am now even more determined to go back, since most of the featured items/places/events have only come into being since 2003 (when I was there).

While the article was mostly about art and architecture (and hotel interiors), it did mention one Klara Nademlynska, fashion designer. Her name is missing 3 key pronunciation marks, since my keyboard is American, but you'd never be able to pronounce it anyway.

Here are some shots from her recent collection. Enjoy!

Apparently, midgets are in this year. Czech people have a unique sense of humor, so I am not surprised by this. It is NOT necessary to make the models seem more tall and slender comparatively, since the average Czech woman is 5'10" and beautiful. My roommates and I would sing our own rendition of the oompa loompa song about ourselves; there was a saying that if a Czech man wanted to stay faithful to his girlfriend while studying abroad, he'd go to America. Nice.


  1. little people, tara. got to be pc!

  2. well, since my czech dictionary doesn't list the word, i can't say. i feel like 'little people' is so much more demeaning-sounding than midget.