Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Favourite: ideeli

Ok, ok, so this is not an etsy shop, but I had to write about it because I think it is so cool.

Has anyone heard of

According to their website, they are 'the first members-only shopping community in the U.S.' It is 'by invitation only' but I just joined by clicking a paid advertising link on (Spencer laughed as my commitment to read world news died in 2.5 seconds when I saw a pretty dress and clicked it).

So JOIN! It is free, easy and why not drool over all sorts of designer items at really affordable prices? Here are some items I was drooling over as I perused the 'events' instead of reading more about the Gulf Oil Crisis...

Awesome books by Random House...

I think I need me some ostrich feathers!

Cool summer tunic dress

Cropped skinny jeans by Michael Kors only $35! I'm tellin' you get OVER THERE!

Have a happy weekend everybody! I am off to nap as I got less than two hours sleep last night, then woke up at 4:15 to go to work. Then it's dinner and movie night with drew and leah (with top shelf tequila, I'm sure) and game night at my parents on Sunday. Happy First Anniversary to Jenny and Michael!!!!

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