Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Favourite: Mud Pie

Today's friday favourite is Mud Pie, and Mud Pie 2, the etsy shops of the very talented Stacy Shepankek.

I found out about this store this week, in the form of a gift. My "mom" Janet got my real mom, Ada, and I matching birthday gifts. My mom's birthday was on Mother's Day this year, so since she got hers then, I had to open mine two and a half months early. (I have called Janet mom since I was about twelve, when their daughter Megan and I became really good friends. I was over at their house so much that I just adopted them. Their family is our family, as we had many holiday dinners there, croquet tournaments in the backyard, epic camping trips to Mt. Palomar in the summers, and last year, Jenny and Michael were married in their backyard! At one point in our childhood, we decided it'd just be easier to tear down the fence between our backyards, so now there is a walkway from my parents' backyard to theirs. That is where my dad walked Jenny down the aisle from. Lots of history).

Back to Mud Pie! Here are some pictures of the mugs that we got, with 'freesparrow' on one side and 'est. 03.03.09' on the other. So thoughtful of Janet! And so beautifully made, I fell in love immediately! We are now talking about painting our 'etsy room' based on the color scheme of the mugs.

Here are some other pieces of Stacy's, all designed, thrown, and glazed by her:

I love the detailed tree etched on this one:

These items are in the mud pie 2 etsy shop. Doesn't this yellow just make you smile?

The speckled interior of these bowls look like the inside of my mug:

If you are in need of a custom made gift, I highly recommend Mud Pie! The pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, too!

The links:

Top two pictures are mine. Last four are property of Stacy Shepanek.


  1. Wow! I really like these. What a thoughtful gift from Janet! My favorite is the white one with the branch painted on it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Now I have to go find your post about that bookstore!

  3. thanks so much for letting me know about Mortenson's speaking event. I looked into it and I don't think I packed the proper attire plus I'm kind of weird about going to those types of things alone. But what a small world that he would be here the same week I am. have a great week!