Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She's off her rocker!

Ok, I just had an idea, that might be crazy, or genius. I will let you know... I have been told by friends that I have more people in my life who feel like they can confront me about things I need to change. I don't know why, but I have become accustomed to this, and actually depend on it. In my personal life, it can be a bit tough at times, but for etsy, I think it can only help! SO... this is now my 'shop promotion' from today until June 1st!!! If you are already a follower of my blog, it's probably because you are one of those close friends mentioned above, so you get free shipping anyway.

click here to shop freesparrow.

Special Promotion: I am going to do something that may sound crazy, but I really need feedback! From now until June 1st, I am going to offer 25% off one item of choice if you leave me feedback about my shop!!! Please convo me if you are interested!!! What I want to know are the following things: How did you find my shop? What 3 things do you like about it? What is your favourite item that I sell? What are the items you think I should get rid of? What other etsy shops do you think rock? I want to learn! Do you have an etsy shop? What is the most effective way you know to promote your shop? What items would you like to see me sell in the future? Also, become a follower of my blog and I will give you free shipping for that 25% off item!!!

Ok, now back to work, FOR REAL!

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