Thursday, May 20, 2010

The guided tour part 1

Ok, here are some pics of our casa. I have wanted to put these up for some time, so today is the day. The lighting is not the best for some rooms, my apologies. This will be a good water mark for the next year or so, when I hope to have many more projects done (custom bookshelves in the master bedroom, new bedroom furniture, homemade headboard and curtains, more paint, 'the hole in the wall' in the kitchen, not to mention spencer's music room....)

Welcome to our humble abode... this is coming in the front door

our little patio where I am attempting container veggies...

dining room. it needs another coat of paint and more wall decor, but overall it is my favourite room of the house, and the first one we decorated. I have to say here that I LOVE our 80's acrylic chairs, especially with the dark table. Go Ikea! The framed photo is of Paris (stuart took it from the second deck of the eiffel tour, avant will soon be selling photographic prints on their etsy shop!) and was my first Christmas gift from spencer.

(Oh, in case you are wondering, the tablecloth is Anthropologie)

The 'big picture' of the living room. Spencer is choosing songs for music practice.

These are the two prints hanging above my desk. Spencer just finished them last weekend. I got the one on the right from this vendor at Renegade last summer and gave it to spencer for our anniversary. I have always known it was him.

Kitchen. I can't take credit because it came like this.

The other side of the living room. I chose the paint from an Anthropologie catalog. Clearly, that is the only thing going for this space so far.

Spencer's music room. This is MUCH cleaner than it has ever been. The bat-looking thing is a little sound booth area for him to record vocals. There is a mic in there.

Main shot of music room. Someday there will be this where the keyboard is now.

Our bedroom. The shelf needs to be more organized, but you get the idea. The curvy structure in the foreground is an awesome antique couch spencer inherited.

There you go, Rosie Posie, and everyone else! Tomorrow- Friday Favourite!!!

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