Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TomAto, TomAHto

This Spring, I decided to try my hand at growing veggies in pots. I grow herbs just fine, except for basil, but veggies were not so good. I think I need to spend more time researching this, or get a composter or something. That said, there was one singular tomato that bloomed, grew, swelled and turned red. Last night, I decided it was time. I plucked. I chopped. I made tacos. (What would that be in Latin?) Honestly, I can't say that my little tomato that had so many hours and thoughts of mine poured into it, was any better. Sigh. Still, it was nice to think that I needed a tomato and I just walked out onto my patio and got one. I feel like a suburban pioneer woman.

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