Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bikini Season

I am so excited to post some new baby/toddler items in my etsy shop soon! I had a photo shoot with baby Mae and Stevie yesterday, and if this kid can't sell my stuff, I just need to quit. She is sooo adorable! I am also excited to get our first table runner trio up, AND my mom and I are going on a little 'field trip' next week to a Lavender farm to shoot those. (That is after my new lubi daybed arrives from cb2! Wow! I just went to get a picture for you and IT IS GONE! I am SO glad we got it! That link is to the grey one, also nice, but ours is a gorgeous rust orange!) Many exciting things in the near future...

I just wanted to share a little thing I read for summer. I am not a big dieter- but I'll be honest, this last year has been rough and I am in need of a little toning. I saw this list of "cellulite busting foods" (yeah, right. right?) and thought it was interesting that they are mostly summer veggies and fruits. It's like God knows what we need when we need it (sarcasm there, He DOES know). That, combined with the 110 degree heat killing my appetite, will certainly help.

So, as you're grocery shopping (or Farmer's marketing - sigh....) dig into these:

Brown rice
Red bell peppers

Interesting note, brightly colored veggies contain lots of vitamin C which prevents collagen breakdown. Maybe there is something to this theory anyhow. As for cellulite-smoothing lotion, I think I'm gonna stick to exercise.

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