Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Favourite: megan knorpp

I have to admit, it is Thursday night. But every minute of tomorrow is already spoken for, so I have to do this now. Leah and I are throwing a graduation party for our friend Keeley, who just got her B.S. for Nursing. Congrats to Keeley! I am such a nerd; I love going to graduation ceremonies, and tonight's did not disappoint. The speaker was a 90 year old woman who was a pioneer of industrial design (she was also at Herbert Hoover's inauguration!). Her speech was funny and inspiring, just as a graduation speech should be. My favourite quote was "Be worth the space you're taking up." Food for thought. Anyway, Leah and I have been planning this party for awhile and we will take pictures and post about it next week.

Today's Friday Favourite is Megan Knorpp. Leah actually discovered her first and showed me. I just LOVE her simple, modern graphic design approach to some of my favourite Bible verses. Her own bio is also simple: "Mother of 4 boys, photographer, designer, homeschooler, dreamer." I like that. So many things in one. I think I am that way, too. She has a blog where you can follow her daily adventures.

Now on to the good stuff:

Before I show you the entire store, head on over there yourself. I am tempted to buy like four or five for different friends of mine. Wouldn't a set of 3 be great decor for a mod baby room? Have a great weekend everybody- graduation, wedding, father's day for me- I'll see you on the other side!

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  1. Not that you need my comments on this post (I love the favorite and I loved the graduation - my favorite line, "Dare to be different" - my dad said this to me all the time growing up), but I want you to check out this and start being excited with me!: