Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year. For some reason, I am excited about it this year. Usually, the onset of summer is like the onset of winter for people in Manitoba: dreary, depressing and inclining one towards lethargy, but this year so far has been INSANE and I am really looking forward to a little R&R. I have goals (my love language), but they all seem to be thematically oriented around looking inward. Maybe it is a bit like a long winter. I hope to come out of it rested, refocused, and ready for something new!

The goals include:

Spending more time and better time reading my Bible and praying each day. My prayer muscles are even less toned than my triceps (See goal 6) and at a time when there is so much to pray about!

Reading more. I am very thankful that having only a part time job allows me the luxury of free time. I told Spencer I would finish 6 books by the time his album is released (August 7th!) so that I would have a goal to strive toward, too.

Learn to sew. I know some basics, but it's time to up the ante. I need to really see if this whole etsy thing can fly. I need to start doing things on my own and stop depending on my mom to get everything done. This way I will know what my actual time spent on each product is, and can figure out if I am making an profit.

Delve into the world of social media. I bought the book, now I just need to read it. And apply it. This is for my shop/blog as well as Spencer's stuff.

Set a budget and stick to it. I have been baaaaad this year. Catching up on quicken this week, setting a budget (I'm doing the All You Grocery Challenge, mostly just to stay on budget) and sticking to it, come hell or high water. I want to see where our money actually goes every month, and make it do as much as possible. Like take us to Boston in the fall!

Get back on track! My sleep cycle has been insane the past few months. I also have pretty much put working out on the back burner ever since the half marathon, and it shows. I always feel better when I am more active, plus I sleep better and eat better. One thing leads to another. I think I might sign up for the Tram Road Challenge at the end of October so I have a clear goal. It is a steep incline- 3,000 feet in 3.7 miles- just think of how great your butt would look after that!

Do you have any goals this summer? I know Leah is starting the first part of culinary school today- baking! Have fun Leah!

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