Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Favourite: replicca

Today's Friday Favourite is replicca! Designer and Creator Rebecca makes super cool tees, sweatshirts, tunics, etc. Now, this was a bit of a tease to put this up here, since she is closing her shop for the summer, but I figured that it still gives her shop exposure and the rest of you an opportunity to find a cool under-the-radar clothing designer. The good news is, Rebecca will be back in the fall with a new design to her shop and new items! In the meantime, you can join her mailing list, follow her on twitter, or read her daily (I can only imagine) updated blog! She was even able to quit her day job and was featured on etsy's 'quit your day job' series... That is one of the lofty goals I have for my etsy endeavor- to be one of the featured seller's in that series. I am miles and miles away from that goal, but each of you reading this is helping me to get there!

I seriously contemplated using my starbuck's paycheck for this sweatshirt! darn you, mortgage!

doesn't this peach one look sooo comfy?

All photos are property of replicca.

Have a great weekend! More blog posts to come, shortly!

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