Tuesday, June 8, 2010


today i did NOT vote. sigh. as a past poll worker, i really should have. but, i didn't take the time to research the options, so i did not want to be (gasp) 'an uninformed voter.' better to not contribute, right? (wrong. that was sarcasm).

i DID workout, however. barely. spencer talked me into it. we went to the gym - our room by the pool in our neighborhood- not a real gym- yuck!- and walked on the treadmill for 30 min. I have to say, I am glad we did. I was feeling overly sluggish and hungry before we went, but afterward, i felt calmer and more energetic- if that makes sense. I felt less cranky and excited for our delicious dinner! I have been ROCKING dinner lately. I will post some pictures soon. anyway, my point to this whole post is that spencer bought me a present that arrived today. I knew it was a book, and he did it under the auspice of free shipping, but all the same i am so lucky to have such a nice husband, and i had to brag:

a goal in life (since reading My Life in France) is to own each of Julia Child's books. maybe set up a shrine in my kitchen one day- aw, a little Julia shelf! i already have a mini eiffel tower that we bought on our honeymoon! it is hard for me to realize that people like atticus finch are not real, and that anne frank and julia child are not going to be my best friends one day... that is why we have books, i suppose.

ps.. i just did not feel like capitalizing today, forgive me.


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