Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Favourite: Emily Ryan

Happy Friday!

I just got home from my first Kitchen Assistant night for a local culinary school! It was a wine and food pairing and from the little bit of knowledge I could absorb between doing rounds of dishes, I think it will be a great trade off: for every 3 classes I assist with, I may take 1 class for FREE! And since I have worked in the food industry for five years and love to cook, dishes are a very normal part of my life.

Now that I am showered and have a glass of wine, I can sit to look over some blogs. Oh no! It's friday and I haven't yet done my post!!!

Tonight's favourite is my very first favourite shop on etsy: emily ryan. I think it may also be my very favourite shop; I love her unique way of designing clothing to look almost architectural, structural. I am a person who dresses according to texture. Sometimes I am in a mood for stiff, papery textures (linen, dupioni) which have a life almost their own, other days, I want layers and layes of thin cottons, to remind of the urban chic way europeans dressed when I was in Prague. I really appreciate Emily's use of shape, texture, not to mention set design for her photos! Even her shop banner is thoughtful- you want to reach out and touch it. She does not have a blog that I know of, but go take a look at her shop! You will be inspired and intrigued!

love in the form of a hoodie sweater dress

Don't you just want this because no one will ever have anything like it?

I feel skinny just looking at this dress. And I want to cut my hair short again!

Now I'm going to go watch spencer's dvd of Smashing Pumpkins music videos and enjoy my wine.


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