Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Last Tuesday was my birthday. It passed rather uneventfully, which was fine because this summer has been CRAZY so far and I just wanted to relax. I did, however, get some amazing gifts! I am very loved, as you can see from these: (not my pictures, again, time is of the essence)

Skinny jeans from jcrew. Almost everything else was culinary, but I have been craving some awesome jeans for over a year! A girl has got to look good while she cooks, right?

A season of Good Eats on dvd. I heart Alton Brown.

Meat grinder attachment for my kitchenaid. Looks a little scary, but you can also make things like applesauce or baby food! I have read recently that Charcuterie is becoming trendy, and I just might try making my own! Pate, anyone?

Ice cream maker for my kitchenaid (ours is copper, but I do love this avocado green)

Hip hourglasses from cb2. Just what I need with all these new toys!

Le Creuset dutch oven. Perfect for Coq au Vin, Beef Bourguignon, and other such wonderful dishes. This was a combined birthday gift for spencer and I from my family. I plan to take it camping with us and eat well on our vacation to Malibu .

What do you think? I made out pretty good, eh? I also got a few books and let's not forget about our trip to Kings of Leon. Food paraphernalia, clothing and books- I am one happy girl.

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