Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Always Take One Thing Off

That is my pillar of fashion sense, a la Coco Chanel. Spencer often looks at me as we're about to go somewhere and says, "Let's go, coco" meaning "that belt might be too much, what with the old lady cocktail jewelry, enormous totebag and layers of clothing." I am really not much of a jewelry accessorizer, or accessorizer in general, but I do have a way of putting together strange outfits, so adding accessories on top of all that can easily be too much.

That said, I did want to share a new accessory over at my etsy shop. The summer infinity scarf. I meant to get this up at the beginning of the summer fashion season (someone needs to make a calendar for people running their own retail business- because right about now, I should be elbow-deep in Christmas items), but alas, we've been trying to get spencer's album done.

Plus, Jenny just got here for the album release party, so I grabbed her and fled to LA and Long Beach for a mini-vacation and photo shoot. Here are some outtakes of that afternoon. Jenny is definitely a ham, underneath that cool exterior.

As you can see, we've some new shirts to post, too. Happy summertime everyone!

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