Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer lovin'

I couldn't resist the Grease reference, sorry. Nothing says summer like old movies and musicals. For me, it was Nick at Nite, staying up til midnight watching marathons of The Wonder Years (is that the first voice-over show?)

Sorry for the blogging vacation. I've spent the last two weeks getting last minute preparations done for my husband's album release (check him out at and hanging out with my friends and family who were in town for the event. I plan to be much more on top of it now that that major goal is out of the way. New goal for me is to make freesparrow into a thriving business!

Hopefully that comes by sales. I have recently posted and reposted some new summer items, which you can view at my shop. In lieu of photo overload, I will not post more pictures of jenny, model though she is. I will post the pictures of the adorable historical house we did the photo shoot at. I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but this house is a historical landmark, built in 1922 I think, and I am absolutely swooning over it! I told spencer if his album takes off and we become millionaires and then for some reason decide to stay here in the desert ("why would we do that?" he asked), I would buy this house and fix it up. It has vines growing up the walls, french doors everywhere, and multiple brick patios for al fresco dinners. It would be an entertainer's dream. And, it's right across the street from the french restaurant where we had our wedding reception. See? It's fate! There is actually a for sale sign out front, but I won't call to find out just how much I can't afford it. Enjoy:

(do you see that partial 's' on the chimney? s for smith.)

Where is your dream house? What style is your favourite architecture? Oh, for more fun 'window shopping' look at this link at the LA times blog. It's their collection of home tours- could spend hours drooling over these...


  1. This is by the French restaurant?? Where?!

  2. I will show you next time you visit...