Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Favourite: the noir

Ok, ok. This is semi-cheating, and a shameless plug, because today's friday favourite is not an etsy shop. It's a band: The Noir.

...and it just so happens that I am married to the man behind the music- spencer smith. What can I say? I think he is amazing and have to give props where they are deserved.

A little background here: Spencer began playing music at some ridiculously early age, moving to guitar at twelve, which means he has now been playing pretty much non-stop for 18 years. He started writing songs about a decade ago, and this album is the product of all of that input. Most of the last three years (and especially the last year) have been devoted to this project, which was recorded, mixed and mastered right here in our house! That's right folks- totally indy! (bite me npr darling pseudo-indy bands who play at venues like the hollywood bowl and the wiltern).

After all of this labor and TONS of learning, we had a little shindig last Saturday night to celebrate. It was an amazing outpouring of love and support from our friends and family. My sister Jenny and her husband Michael (also, coincidentally, Spencer's first cousin- I'll pause while you figure that out) flew all the way across the country to be here! We are so humbled and blessed. and TIRED.

What next? Now that the album is released into the open sky, we talk about it, promote it, and hope it sells so that we can move to LA, quit our day jobs and raise chickens in the backyard. You really should go check it out- and enjoy these pics of the soiree:

jenny & michael

jenny modeling the shirts?

our 2 year old niece, isabella, trying to model a shirt

isabee at the listening station

friends drew and leah at the coffee bar

some of stuart's (spencer's brother) photography for sale (they will have it up in their etsy shop soon!)

our friend michelle made this cake- awesome huh? (I love spencer's face in this!)

me listening to the album

Also, I am so excited to be featured on a blog today! Moriah over at Josiah's nest has featured my baby bunting and a little interview! I have been waiting for this for months- she has a great baby blog which has quite a following for being only about 6 months old. Go check it out!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone- for me that means lots of coffee, napping and Frasier!

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