Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweater Weather

Today on my way to work at 6:15, I could tell it was going to be a miserable day. It is currently 95 outside, humid, and with the heat index, it feels like 110. And it's not even noon! I really can't complain, though, because for Palm Springs, this has been the best summer, ever. I mean that. I've lived here twenty years (what?!?) and it's never been this nice. Not humid until today, and barely 7 days over 110. Most of the time, it's still been getting down in the low 70's at night! That's just crazy!

Still, I am longing for fall. My trusty boots did not survive my trek back east to visit jenny last winter, so I need new ones. Plus, I am already planning winter infinity scarves for my etsy shop, so my mind is ahead to a place with chilly evenings and maybe a rainstorm or two. I am dying for a trip to the mountains to see the leaves change, and for apples, pears, figs, and pumpkins to be in season (I plan on making fig balsamic vinegar this year, and maybe my own fig newtons!).

Fall is definitely my favourite season, with back to school supply shopping and the anticipation of holiday gatherings. The best thing here in the desert is waking up that first morning where there is a chill in the air and knowing that the looooong summer has passed.

For some reason right now, I am really yearning for change. I don't think it's simply confined to the weather, but more for life in general. I would love for my whole life to flip upside down right now and happen so quickly that it makes my head spin. I want adventure, new locales, a new job, a new town, to be the new girl in that new town and have to find my way around. Of course, this includes Spencer, our collection of cb2 furniture, and all his musical accoutrements. Who knows if anything will change, or when. But I feel like a sailor looking intently at the horizon, waiting for some small sign of land.

(In case you're wondering, the photo above is of Petrin Park in Prague, where I used to walk every day on my way to school. That little brown house was up against the wall, and we would walk down the street on the other side of the wall, through the castle, over the bridge and to school. It's been nearly seven years since I was there, and I miss it so much! Photo courtesy of

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