Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favourite: KAM lamp company

Oh man, am I ready for vacation! Two more days until we leave for the beach and COLD weather. I am in the midst of packing and trying to get caught up with other chores in time, like preparing for our Fall Fashion Showcase spot tomorrow! Part of owning your own business(es) is learning that you're never totally not thinking about work, but it's ok, because it's something you love doing. I am making vacation an opportunity to shoot pics of our new plaid fall infinity scarves! Those will be posted at the end of next week...

Today's friday favourite is brand new to me, as I just read about her this morning. KAMlampcompany is the etsy shop of one awesome woman! Amanda MacMurray is the crafty lady behind KAM lamp company (named for her daughters). She has been restoring antique lighting fixtures for twenty years and even has her own woodworking shop in addition to her lamp shop! I would love to have my own carpentry shop one day, full of power tools where I could make or fix anything. Amanda even made her own kitchen cabinets. I found out about her because she was etsy's featured seller a couple days ago. If you want to read the article, here it is. (By the by, you should always read the featured seller or Quit Your Day Job articles by etsy. They are really inspiring and it's great to see people out there making the homemade life work for them!)

I've seen some cool light fixtures in west elm, cb2 and other catalogues, but now that I know of an etsy seller who makes them herself, I will definitely save my pennies for one of these babies:

Are you in love? I am in love. I hope you go over to visit her etsy shop this weekend! Next week I will have my first guest blogger! My dear friend Molly will be taking the reins here while I'm sipping coffee by a campfire and searching for beach glass. I can't wait to read what she posts!

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