Monday, August 23, 2010

One Week From Now

I love Monday mornings.

Strange, I know, but hear me out. I love that they are the beginning of the week. A fresh start. This might go back to my days as a server, when Mondays were usually my Friday, and therefore cause for celebration. Since starting my etsy shop, I have tried very hard to keep Sundays free and clear of business. My own little day of rest, usually consisting of church, lunch, nap, reading time, dinner (could be popcorn most sundays) and tv or movie time with spencer. I usually am dying to go on etsy or to write back if someone buys something, but I try to keep myself away, because I believe the mental break of a 'hands off' day energizes and refocuses me for the rest of the week. Which probably explains my newfound love of Mondays. (It also helps that my mom gave me a pack of colored sharpies, which I now use to color-code activities in my weekly planner).

Today was especially nice since I had the morning off from work and could eat breakfast with spencer. Homemade waffles with berries. Strong coffee. Ingrid Michaelson cd playing in the background, sunlight coming through the curtains. I wish every day could start this way...

Next week will be even better- we are going on VACATION!!! A friend brought the fact to my attention that in nearly 3 years of marriage, spencer and I have never gone away by ourselves overnight. We have made many trips and vacations, but always with or to family or friends, which we love. I guess I just assumed that somewhere in there, we got some alone time. But no. This is a first. I hope it is the beginning of a tradition. Where are we going, you ask? Here are some picture clues:

(sound of record screeching) Wait! What was that one? Second to the last? A guy in a sombrero? That is Leo Carrillo, 50's television actor best known for playing Pancho on The Cisco Kid. He was also a conservationist, which is why Leo Carrillo State Beach and Park is named after him. That is where we are going for three days next Sunday-Tuesday. The expected temperature is 68 for a high and 55 for a low! We are going to freeze, and it will be marvelous. (And don't worry, while I am gone, you will be in good hands). Now to go launder the sleeping bags....


  1. Have so much fun on your vacation! Thanks for passing along John Mark McMillan. I had not heard of him, but I am listening to him right now:) I have a hard time finding Christian music that I like to sit and listen to, that doesn't sound cheesy, but his stuff sounds great! Thanks!

  2. We were just there! On Saturday we took lunch to the beach there and we got to park for free because we already had parking from Malibu Creek State Park!! It was great!