Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the cat came back

zoe is home. back home to my parents' house.
i cried almost the whole way over there.

for the last week and a half, spencer and I have been cat sitting the world's smartest, most energetic two year old, but with four legs and who pees in a box. 

as i was loading the car, I put the pail of cat poop in the trunk, where it immediately fell over and unloaded it's contents. 'shit!'   ...    'literally.' 
i was sad no one was there to share in my witty litter moment. now the car smells like that fake deodorizer that is actually worse than urine. I will vacuum it later.

after loading the car, I called zoe into the garage and opened the cage door. zoe walked right in and then even stopped meowing during the car ride. that's when I cried. "she trusts me and i tricked her into going to an empty house for three weeks. 
i cried because i thought 'what if she thinks no one wants her again? like at the shelter?'

then i went to the chiropractor, ten minutes late, determined not to tell her about the cat. 
"how are you?"
I immediately told her about the cat. 
she said 'she will probably be happier there,' after I explained that I felt like I was always saying no.
hmm... I hadn't thought of that. I know she probably said that just to cheer me up, but I went with it.

then i went to scott trade for the third time in one week and signed 3 more papers, each in my maiden name. who knew selling some disney stock given to me at birth by my grandparents could be so complicated? 

then I listened to npr. some guy was interviewing some director about a movie. they said things like 'energy' 'it's very meisner, and mamet' and 'we had two to three rehearsals just to make sure everybody was getting along' and I was comforted by how weird and overly-neurotic theater people are. i thought, "I could teach theater. maybe I should look up that one year degree at pepperdine for education/teaching credential.' then I immediately thought, 'and what? mortgage our house to pay for it? no. we're done job hunting. we are waiting on God.'

then i drove home, made a smoothie, called my parents' neighbors to pass off cat duty and am now watching a sandra bullock movie just to relax after this 'very' stressful day.

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