Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First ever blog feature!

I just got an email from the ladies at handmade gift guide to say our plaid men's scarf has been featured on their blog! This is the first time we have been featured on someone else's blog, and we are very thankful!

Another recent first was a complete and utter stranger left a comment on this here blog! I got so excited, I ran down the hallway screaming and then Spencer humored me by saying, "let's go see!"

These are nice little perks at a time when I have been too busy to put much effort into social networking or joining in the forums on etsy.

Thanks for the support, friends! It does not go unnoticed.


  1. I actually 'featured' your orange swirl napkins on my blog not too long ago but wasn't smart enough to email you about it. And since my mom is probably the only person who reads my blog (and not with any regularity at that...) it probably doesn't even matter. But here's the post! :-)
    I love your things!

  2. AWwwwww! thanks friend!!! I should edit this to be 'second ever blog feature' lol!