Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Food in Review

Last Monday, I went to a pizza making class with Leah. Then the week escaped me, I didn't blog about it and I even forgot to blog on Friday!

This morning, whilst reviewing pictures we've taken recently, I realized that we ate like kings this weekend! Sometimes it just seems so normal to make things up like pumpkin pancakes with proscuitto and cider (a la Paris),  or grilled chicken, pesto, red onion, mushroom and black olive pizza that I don't realize how good life can be on a small budget. I think for our income, spencer and I probably overspend when it comes to groceries, but really, we are OK with not going out much. We'd much rather stay in, cook, watch movies, or have friends and family over.

And that is just what we did this weekend:

Exhibit A: Willow House Party, Thursday evening

homemade bruscetta 

and a dessert pizza with sauteed pears and cherries

Exhibit B: Josh & Jaymi Dinner Date, Friday evening

pesto chicken pizza with black olives and sauteed veggies

and proscuitto goat cheese pizza with fresh basil and arugula

Exhibit C: Parisienne Brunch, Saturday morning

pumpkin pancakes (ok, I don't know how french that is)

proscuitto (we were short on bacon, but it was yummy!)


bowl of cider (this is the french part- we were always offered a bowl of cider for breakfast in Paris, so finally we tried it. It was good! Not what you'd think of first thing in the morning (ok, so it was usually around noon) but surprisingly enlivening with the spices. Not too sweet. 

Exhibit D: Zoe, all month long

We are catsitting for my parents while they are on the East Coast visiting Jenny and Michael. It's like having a very smart, hairy two year old around all the time. 

Oh! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER JENNY!!!!! She is 26 today! I love you!

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