Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DIY blogging

So, recently I decided that I should make a list of things to blog about. To help me through those dry spells when stealing more photos from the internet won't cut it and I'm too busy to be creative. One of my ideas was to share what I'm learning. This would be in cooking too, but mostly in sewing and techy things related to my etsy shop. Ahem, 'social networking.' I am like a sixty five year old in many ways. One of them being my total lack of understanding when it comes to gadgetry and apparatuses (yes, that is really the plural form of apparatus- it's not 'apparatai' sadly). I am married to a man whose entire career exists because of the internet, but that hasn't rubbed off much.

I did, however, learn how to put that 'You May Also Like' widget at the bottom of my posts now- taDA! Really, that came down to typing 'you may also like' into google and following the idiot-proof step by step photo-included directions that come up, but hey, I am taking credit. enjoy!

Also, here are some recent treasuries we have been featured in. I'm not sure how it's happening, but I get an email about every other day about one of my items being featured in somebody's collection. Awesome. (Now, how to 'turn those views into sales')

men's red plaid scarf (sexy husband with scruff not included)

Lest you leave this blog totally bored by my self promotion, can I just end with the fact that I really think I want to be pioneer woman? Probably everyone who reads this blog already knows about her (and for the record, I have known about her for awhile), but I thought I'd share. It's like sex and the city meets laura ingalls wilder. Going to add her cook book to my amazon wishlist now...

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  1. I recently emailed the author of my new favorite blog and told her I have not been so obsessed with a blog since I found the pioneer woman and started dreaming about cows and chaps! Seriously, I read her archives until my eyelids swelled shut! I actually found myself wanting to live on a ranch! What the? Anyway, all that to say that I love you!