Friday, September 10, 2010

friday favourite: ozetta

Happy friday!

I have some new items to post in my shop soon! We're back in burlap, despite the breathing hazards that come with working with it, and I think I'll even do a DIY about it...

Today's friday favourite is ozetta, the etsy shop of hailey noelle (that's right- we have the same middle name!) from oklahoma city. She makes delicious looking scarves and things out of yarn. I want it to be cold and rainy here right now so I can buy one. She also has a blog and flickr account, with great photography. I think that photos really are the biggest, most important thing to your etsy shop. Spend time on that, and you will see returns like being featured in treasuries, shop hearts, etc. This is a digital world and things like texture, color and style have to be shown in pixels. Ozetta has that down. Her simple, beautiful photography rivals your favourite clothing catalog. Take a peak here and then go check it out:

What are your weekend plans? Mine are mattress shopping and garage saling (throwing, not shopping, and all the proceeds are to help my friend Pami get to work as a nurse in the Philippines! Check out her page and see what amazing things are going on there). Also on the docket: fish tacos, running, and plenty of time relaxing with Spencer.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Two things:

    Tempur-Pedic - in the even of a house fire, Eric and I will be yelling for the children to exit as we grab our mattress and run. It's that amazing.

    Fish Tacos - this has been the summer of perfecting my fish taco. Say the word and I will send you my final masterpiece!