Monday, September 13, 2010

fruit of the (heir)loom

It is monday and I have some delicious food pics to share from the weekend, but alas, my camera cord thingy is not with me. Here is a picture of our caprese salad from last week. Don't you just want a fork and a knife? Why is it that stacking food makes it elegant? There must be a few exceptions to that rule, but in general, height equals sophistication, especially in food.

In honor of tomatoes and the end of summer, here are some more photos of the juicy summertime beauty. Someday, when I have a yard (and five kids, and my own sewing machine and three hundred followers on here....) I will learn to really make a tomato plant thrive, as opposed to linger in near-death like my first attempt, earlier this year.

if you really can't get enough, there's a cookbook for you:

What is your favourite recipe for tomatoes? 

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