Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tuesday afternoon delight

Spencer bought me this on amazon last week and it arrived yesterday! I knew he'd gotten me something because he said he needed to hit his free shipping amount (love that incentive) and should he wait for a special occasion to give it to me?


I jumped up and down and thanked him at least four times last night as I kept remembering it. And out of pure love and adoration for my husband, I didn't even open it. 

Why? Christmas '08. Our first Christmas as a married couple; shoot, it was less than 2 months as a married couple, and we had barely finished opening all our wedding gifts. Spencer bought me The Meat Book and I was soooo in love with him and it that I dove right in and read that thing for at least an hour and a half. I thought it would show my love and appreciation and he'd think it was cute or nerdy. He felt neglected. Poor Spencer. I'd like to say that I learned from that miscommunication, but I know there have been other food books for other holidays and I just can't help it. 

"Frank... is she a republican?" 
"I. can't. help. myself."

(favourite line from You've Got Mail. Kristiana is smiling right now)

We didn't even succumb to tv last night. We actually ate dinner at the table and then watched Eddie Murphy sketches (rocky/italians and the bill cosby impression) online. I paid lots of attention to my husband and completely ignored my book. 

Tonight, though, all bets are off. 


  1. i was smiling too!

  2. Do you feel left out? Don't worry, Jenny, you're getting a whole blog post soon, complete with pictures from our childhood!