Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Favourite: robrray

If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it? Is there something you really love but just don't have the money for? A far flung dream that has been left untouched? What's your 'finer thing in life?' Cars? Wine? Diamonds? 

For me, it is furniture. Spencer and I have talked this over several times and we agree that were we millionaires, our weakness for 'worldly treasure' would be fine, hand crafted furniture. Probably a lot of it Scandinavian (shout out to my Norwegian heritage here, it's not all alcoholism and emotional constipation). When people come over for dinner, they usually end up complimenting our furniture, and I have to say, it's obvious that that is what we love, though, right now it is a lot of IKEA, baby. 

I was in shop in high school, for theater. We worked with power tools and built all our own scenery for our productions. It was really something for a bunch of adolescents. I am amazed our shop teacher, Ed, could be as calm and laid back as he was. That early experience, and later training with a master carpenter for a year, instilled in me a love of wood. I don't have anything to show for it at the moment, but in my wildest dreams, I would have a completely impressive woodshop out back, where I would build really awesome furniture for people I loved. That dream is a long way off... 

Fortunately I discovered this little etsy shop. For a little friday afternoon fun (because I know you're not at work reading this), type 'furniture' in the handmade search on etsy. It is eye opening to see what is out there. These people are artisans. Skilled craftsmen. One of these is robrray. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything else about them, because they don't have any info up for their bio, but you can still admire their work. 

morning cup of coffee desk. 

"The wood used was reclaimed from a Railcar Repair Station built in 1906."

I just love this. Clean, simple lines. The juxtaposition of thick wood and thin steel.

I think our new mattress could look splendid on this. (new mattress arrives tuesday and I can't WAIT)

furniture with a past: kitchen island made from reclaimed material from an apartment in Times Square, circa early 1900's. 

Ok, now I'm off! Shower, post office to mail an order, come back and pack for Anza! Going to Ed & Margaret's for the night: good cooking, crafts and guitar nerdiness, and a photo shoot. More scarves up next week.

And, I just got my first issue of Sunset that I won for free!!! Just in time for the trip.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Nicely done, robrray, utilitarian and beautiful, strong and minimal, industrial and green. Clever nexus between nature, with recycled wood, and black steel, bravo!

    Thank you for posting this, freesparrow!

  2. You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!