Friday, October 29, 2010

friday favourite: woodland belle

Another week and only one post. I have a suspicion that the break-neck pace of the holiday season started in early summer this year...

Last night, Spencer and I went out to Fleming's for our third wedding anniversary. It was delicious: he had a porcini-rubbed filet with creamy gorgonzola sauce, and I had the lamb chops- yum! It is always good to go back there and catch up with ex-coworkers who feel like family (at one point, though, Spencer looked at me and said 'hi' - his hint that I was spending more time talking to servers and managers than to him). The general consensus between us for the last year was: phew! It's been kinda rough, but we learned a lot. Here's to the future and the prospect of things being different. He wrote in his card to me, "I pray so much for God to do amazing things in our lives and I hope it's this next year. Hold my hand and enjoy the ride with me." Here's to year four!

Today's friday favourite is woodland belle, formerly known as the sparrow's nest. I was looking through an old Real Simple and saw her twig bobby pins. The rest of her accessories are just as cute! All nature inspired, she features items like miniature terrarium rings and butterfly collection necklaces. Mai (pronounced May) Mckemy has been featured in many online publications besides the Real Simple feature, as well as etsy's Quit Your Day Job and Featured Seller series. She hardly needs my press, but I love her work, and with the holidays' coming up, you might find the perfect handmade gift for someone! Read more about Mai on her website. (She even has an independent musician for a husband, which means I feel connected even though we've never met.) 

Here are some of her gorgeous items:

the twig hair pins. I want this haircut, too. 

quail necklace

terrarium ring

hydrangea hair pins

pewter bird hair pins

With holiday parties coming up quickly, you might want to head over to her shop and start accessorizing!

Next friday, while I am in San Diego, Bethany will be taking the reigns here. She is one of my favourite bloggers (and people), so you are in for a treat! 

Now I'm off to jump in the shower before Isabella gets here for an afternoon of cooking: pumpkin soup, pumpkin seeds, chicken and bell pepper pizza and a dessert pizza with FIGS (finally)!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Tara, thanks so much! What a lovely feature.

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for reading!