Friday, October 22, 2010

friday favourite: Mimi Kirchner

Happy Friday!

This week has been insane, but in a good way. 
The clouds, the rain, the cooler weather...
(deep breath in)
It has been amazing. 
My parents are home from the east coast, 
which means I am done cat and house sitting.
I have been busy planning a giant 
(that is tonight!)
and also kitchen assitant-ing at the culinary school. 
plus work.

All of a sudden, it's the end of October, 
which means my anniversary!!! 
(that's three exclamation points for three years of marriage)
third year: leather. 
there may be boots in the near future.

Today's friday favourite feature is the delightful shop of 

If you haven't seen the work of this talented artist yet, 
you need to go over there right now!
(Or her own website, Doll)
I first heard about her from seeing this video on etsy.
She has been an artist for over 30 years,
and this line of dolls came out of her inheriting 
her mother's collection of fashion fabric. 

Who knew toile could be so edgy?

aw, a robot. spencer would love it.

And now, back to the fray!
babysitting, quicken, a job app online,
(all while watching Ten Things and quoting 
every single line) 

I will be doing some crafty things 
in the near future
and featuring a
guest blogger, or two. 
stay tuned.

happy weekend!

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